rod reasner

About Me






Rod Reasner is a Punk/Metal basses born in Hollywood California.  He grew up in the SoCal Punk scene playing with The Pedestrians and Monster X.  When metal music started to take the clubs over, he switched over to metal.  Throughout his career he has played in a few bands like Final Axe, Seventh Power and Mechen along with Robert Sweet from Stryper producing 4 CD’s  He has also played in New Jerusalem, DTS and Nobody Special.  Staren Black is his current band and considered his final destination.


I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average musician. I started my musical desire at the age of 12.  I wanted to be a rock star, but didn't want to work at the craft of playing good.  I wasn't the best looking kid and I wanted to get girls, so I figured if Mick Jaggar can do it, I can.  So in high school I got in my first band and waited for the girls, lol.


Throughout the years I loved to write and even had some stuff published.  I noticed that I had some things I wanted to say and needed a outlet.  Now with social media so easy to use, I can spew all kinds of stuff out.  Well I am going to try to finish this book now.